Your Financial Future...

Are you going to continue to let other people control your money, which often provides a return that barely keeps up with inflation? Take control so that when you are ready to retire, you're free to do whatever you want without worrying about money. If you are already retired, make certain that you maximize the interest you receive, and get every dollar you can.

Private lending is an incredible way to build wealth more quickly that most people aren't familiar with. By reading the information available on this site you'll join the few who are already taking advantage of this opportunity. If you have more questions give me a call. Perhaps we can get together for lunch or just chat on the phone.

You can choose your own plan and rate of return from the following:

  1. Highest amount of simple interest if money accrues until the property sells
  2. 2nd Highest amount of simple interest for monthly, interest-only payments
  3. Lowest amount of simple interest for monthly, principle-and-interest payments.

Information for Private Mortgage Lenders

There are NO commissions or "sales loads" taken out of your loan dollars. Additionally, should you need to liquidate, we DO NOT charge an "early withdrawal fee" as do many banks. However, we ask that you do advise us 45 days in advance if circumstances require you to liquidate your loan. Your loan is secured by a first or second mortgage on a property, right here in Central Ohio. No loan on any property exceeds 70% loan to value, and in most cases, it is much less.

The principle business is the purchase, rehab, and resale of properties in the Central Ohio area.

Thank you for inquiring about PRIVATE MORTGAGE LENDING OPPORTUNITIES with Ace Home Solutions. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this program with you, at a convenient time and location for you.

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